Hello and welcome.


The paintings are made with acrylic paint on canvas stretched on a wooden frame, they can be hung without an outer frame.
I like the mystery of art, how images arrive through the process of painting and repainting. Animals usually appear and I think they link to the unconscious or collective consciousness. I am open to letting the ideas flow through me. Works that are sold are held in private collections in America, New Zealand, Europe and the UK.

The ceramic pieces are part of a new learning adventure, I have always wanted to work in 3D and buying a kiln has enabled me to explore my ideas in clay.
During 2022 I started making sculptural pieces using fabric and beads these are featured in the art dolls and textile galleries. I find working with the texture of fabrics and lustre of
beads creates a balance between the solidity of ceramic forms and also links to the paintings. I find ideas can cross over between the different types of media.
In September 2022 I stopped teaching to allow myself more time to work on my art. I am intending to continue working in all 3 media to see where this takes me in 2023.

Many thanks to my customers your support is really appreciated.
Thankyou for your interest.
Please contact me at contact@colleenshaw.co.uk if you are interested in my work.