Hello and welcome.


I am using this website to show case my art work. Some pieces are sold but others are available. I have included images from sketchbooks and works in progress in the mixed media gallery to show how my ideas develop.
I like the mystery of art , the way images arise from our subconscious or from where ever.
I have been called a colourist which I think suits me. My most recent works tend to use heavy body colour combined with oil bar and the images become through the process of painting and changing and repainting.
The group of works which include women called 'The girls' are earlier works that developed from personal ideas about nature, animals and femininity. The more recent animal images are a surprise to me they are childlike but honest they emerge from the creative process. I am continuing to explore allowing these images to arrive uncensored. I feel as though I am on a journey to new destinations.
The works that are sold are held in private collections in America and the UK.
The ceramic pieces are part of a new learning adventure I have always wanted to work in 3D and buying a kiln 4 years ago has enabled me to explore my work and ideas in 3 dimensions.
Please contact me at contact@colleenshaw.co.uk if you are interested in my work.
A selection of paintings are for sale at Saatchi online www.saatchiart.com>colleenshaw
Ceramics on Etsy C Shaw ceramics and ebay.