Will Baumeister and the "poetic-magical organ of speech within our imagination"

He researched into pre-rational imaginative thinking (as did Klee) and the hand writing of unconscious calligraphy.... The results of his long years of research were published in the book Of The Unknown In Art (1947) " What appears on the surface of the painting is the traces of inner movements which have stepped out of the unknown. The hitherto unknown are these strange, enigmatic formulations in a work of art which the spectator has to ponder in order to understand the essence of the artistic utterance ....... Art is not made up of rules but always consists of exceptions from the standpoint of visual experience."
Quoted from Abstract Painting. Phaidon 20th Century Art Series. Alongside the text is a reproduction of Black Dragons an abstract painting by Will Baumeister which inspired my painting Black Dragon.

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