Winnifred Nicholson at Abbot Hall Gallery Kendal

Seeing the works of well known artists can be intriguing. It is not always as you would expect. I was surprised at how connected and free her painting style became especially when she painted skies which have a similarity to Japanese painting in the flow of the brush work. Accuracy of drawing didn't seem to be important which is evident from the vases displayed alongside certain works, she didn't render shape and tone too closely. It seems that the flowers, colour, light and quality of paint were more important.
The most interesting paintings were, for me, the later works where she experimented with using prisms and her objects become surrounded by auras of colour with a jewel like intensity.
" That these colours were invisible until she looked through her prism was a sort of scientific magic. They hovered around the edges and peripheries of everything she looked at."
Quote from Winifred Nicholson. Author Christopher Andreae. Page 186 Explorations, 1967-81.
The exhibitions continues until October 15 2016.

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