A ceramic field trip 2018

At the start of the year my husband and I decided to learn more about ceramics. We have been visiting Pot Fest in Hutton in the Forest for at least a decade and finally took the plunge and bought some clay and had a go. We decided to learn by visiting ceramic fairs and talking to the potters who always seem to be willing to tell you about their work and how it is made. This year so far we have visited Earth and Fire (June), Pot fest in the Park (August), Blackwell House ceramics exhibition Windermere (August) Southwell ceramics fair (August), Goldmark Gallery Ken Matsuzaki exhibition (September) and Sheffield ceramics Fair at Meersbrook Park (September).
I have decided to take the plunge and exhibit my work alongside Richard's at local craft fairs and had a stall at Grainthorpe Arts Festival in August and will be exhibiting at a craft fair in Louth on 20/10/18. It has been exciting learning a new skill and there is a lot to learn! To help me I have joined the ceramics art net work which is online and mainly based in America. I have found I am inspired by the ceramics of Betty Woodman and Rudy Autio and a lot of the contemporary ceramics I have seen.
My future plans are to visit a ceramics fair in York in October and visit CoCA centre of ceramics art

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